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Pay for SEO that provides results.

As of right now, the pricing structure for SEO is based on a dynamic pricing model, which suggests that you pay more for higher rankings. Although it could seem like an enticing idea, it is simply too simple to control. Companies may place you at the top of search results for irrelevant terms and charge you hundreds of dollars for the honour. What good is being ranked first if no one is looking for your business, think about it.

Affordable SEO Services In India

The hourly rate for an SEO expert ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1500 on average, however SEO takes time to produce results. Before you see any benefits, be prepared to wait several months. Because of this, even though hourly SEO may seem like a fantastic deal, the charges may quickly add up and end up being hundreds or even thousands of rupees higher than you had anticipated each month.

#3 – Monthly SEO (search engine optimization).

Depending on the services offered, SEO costs in India range from Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 per month. This is the pricing structure that is most frequently applied to SEO. Because of this, your SEO company won’t be constrained by time and will be free to focus on producing results and a return on investment.


The fact that there is accountability is the best part. You will always be in full control because your SEO service will never be able to claim that it ran out of time to deliver the results it promised.


Indian SEO solutions from Web solution Home Technologies are not the same for all types of businesses since we recognize that when businesses are different from one another, SEO packages cannot be the same as well. If our clients need unique SEO packages, we supply it to them.


Web solution Home Technologies has divided its SEO pricing into 3 monthly SEO plans as a result of these discrepancies. The three types of SEO packages are local business, small business, and large scale business.


With Websolution Home Technologies, you can be sure that your investment in outsourced SEO services will yield positive results.